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Reducing the rate of accidents on the road in our country has become a warhorse both for the public administrations and society in general. It is a prior and necessary objective since, following the stadistics, accidents have become the leading cause of death among young Spaniards between 15 and 25 years.

There are many data and studies that stress that some of the main causes are alcohol, drugs, sleepiness and poor road conditions, among others. However, it is rarely spoken about the human factor; in other words, of those habits on the road that a driver acquires when they learn to drive and that, in many cases, end up in the development of risky behaviors behind the wheel.

And you, how are you on the road?

The key question is: Would you qualify as a good driver? We are sure that if we hear someone ask this question most people would answer affirmatively. But, do we really know how we behave in the car or if there are behaviors that can be improved and which ones they are?

Today we can find many guides that advise or explain the characteristics of good driving. What  didn’t exist was a tool that would personally monitor the way we handle the car and help us improve driving habits … not until now. No one doubts that driving well involves reducing the risk of having an accident caused by human factors but it also has an additional benefit: efficiency on the road helps improve vehicle maintenance and reduce consumption, which translates into savings, that word that today has maximum importance.

But what keeps relationship with :DriveSmart driving and savings?

:DriveSmart is an app for smartphones close to a “big brother”. It identifies driving habits, both the dangerous and the positive, and assesses drivers on how to correct and improve their driving technique, optimize and strengthen their skills on the road.

From a practical, comfortable and fun way, :DriveSmart lets you analyze and learn about the good habits that must be maintained and those that can be improved or corrected. The goal is clear: to obtain and guarantee your own safety and, by extension, of those around you.

Coaching, fun… and many surprises!

To achieve this goal, :DriveSmart analyzes the data of the journeys made and, at the end of the trip, offers an accurate assessment of the driving. Thanks to it, you can learn not only your score as a driver, but also get a study on your driving skills taking into consideration numerous variables such as speed, overtaking, how you take curves and roundabouts, amongst many others.

However, :DriveSmart‘s options do not end there. Through the app you can talk with friends through the chat, share your trips and scores, challenge them to prove who is the best driver, enjoy free games or have on hand the assistance button in case you suffer a mishap on your trip.

We invite you to discover and enjoy for free the world of :DriveSmart, and share with us if you are a :DriveSmart driver through :DriveSmart Challenges. We have prepared many surprises of which we will keep you informed … Will you accept the challenge of becoming a good driver?