Don’t agree with an incident on your trip? Report a discrepancy!

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You are driving happy, more than other days, you feel better than ever. Why? because you are, neither more nor less than the first position in the ranking of one of the :DriveSmart Challenges . You feel powerful. You have a score of 100. Or almost. It doesn’t matter.

But one day you arrive at home and when consulting how it went, the last trip changes your face. You miss a “It can’t be possible!” And you see on your trip, an incident that should never have occurred.

But, wait… Why?

Because it marks a speeding on a road where the maximum allowed speed is higher. Or because, due to an inaccuracy of your mobile’s GPS system, located on a road… that you didn’t even go through! Or because we recently opened the step you were going through and the application is evaluating you based on the features it had before. You are outraged and start to mentor mothers.

An unfair incident? What can you do?

Wait! We know we can generate some errors. We try not to, but the GPS system or mapping is out of our hands. Therefore, we also understand that it is unfair to penalize you for them. So, when you review a trip that you have registered, look at the incidents that the application indicates after analyzing it.

If you do not agree with any specific incident, you just must click at the bottom on the text “I do not agree” and tell us why you think it is a mistake or is unfair. You have a maximum limit of 255 characters to explain it, so please be specific.

Send a discrepancy of a wrong incident


An unfair incident? What do we do in :DriveSmart?

As soon as you send the incident, the technical team will analyze it based on the parameters and circumstances in which it was generated. And there may be two situations:

  1. You are right: the incidence is unfair. If it is a mapping error or some inaccuracy in the assessment, the technicians will invalidate it and then reprocess the trip (already without that incident) so that your score is updated correctly. It’s fair, right?
  2. You are not right: the incidence is correct. In this case, the technicians will inform you of the analysis performed and indicate why the incidence is correct. In this case, it will not be invalidated. Keep in mind that the app evaluates driving data objectively and rigorously based on parameters. And our technicians, too.

In both cases, what we always guarantee you is to analyze your incidence objectively and always respond in record time (between 24 and 48 hours on business days). Therefore, do not stress … If you disagree, let us know!

Happy day and… very nice trips!