Hello, Automatic Start!

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Do you smile every time you think about taking a trip? Yes, you like to drive. We know, and we love the way do it! We love to imagine you sitting on the road with a big smile while you register your trip in :DriveSmart to prove that you are a good driver. Because you are.

However, sometimes, in a hurry (remember, the rush behind the wheel is never good), the passenger registers your trip in the application, because you have to open and press the “Start” button. Yes, it is true that it is not too late, but… knowing that you are going to lose Smartcoins every kilometer… Do you decide to start? Have a nice trip!

The Automatic Start, the solution

It’s time to make the most of every minute of your time behind the wheel. Just access :DriveSmart and select the “My settings” option in the right menu of the application. You will see the “Automatic Start” option with a gray button.

Click on the gray button and you will see all available Bluetooth devices. Of course, you must be near your beloved car to link it. Make sure the Bluetooth of your car is marked in green and… Ready! You already have the application ready to register your trips automatically.

How to configure the Automatic Start in :DriveSmart

It does not work?

  • Important: If you have an Android phone and you have already linked the app to the bluetooth of your car, always remember to activate the Bluetooth system of your mobile so that the app starts automatically.
  • For iPhone users: At the moment, this functionality is only available for Android but our technical team is aware of all the improvements, news and needs of iOS, so as soon as there is posibility to implement this functionality in the system.

Have a nice day and… very happy trips!


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