I can’t access the application. It closes, it gives a mistake… How to fix it? What can I do?

It is very possible that your session has been cached. You may be able to solve the problem by clearing your cache and cookies phone app. Access your settings phone -> Apps->  :DriveSmart -> Delete cache and other browsing data.

I can’t record trips with my device. What I do?

Find out what to check in the settings of your mobile device here.

How to improve GPS accuracy

Sometimes the GPS system has limitations or inaccuracies when the quality and intensity of the signal are reduced. It should be noted that the GPS system is something completely foreign to  :DriveSmart, we recommend placing the phone in a clear position to maximize the signal. Anyway, you can perform very fast checks to rule out that there is a problem of general settings, and thus be able to optimize the GPS signal to the maximum. For this, you can.

* If my phone is Android:

1. Ensure that GPS is on. To do this, access the “Location menu” through one of these three options (depending on the device and operating system version):

Settings -> Location or
Configuration -> Personal -> Location
Settings -> Privacy and Security -> Location
Check that the options are enabled. If you have an additional setting, «Mode», tap it and choose: High precision.

(Note: If you want to activate your location in a simpler way, you can use the shortcut available from the Android version of Lollipop. On the main screen of your smartphone simply swipe down and you can access the system shortcuts, Press the location icon to activate it immediately and then access Google Maps to navigate.

2. Check :DriveSmart location access still always allowing. Go to Settings – > Applications -> :DriveSmart-> Permisos Habilitar Ubicación (After Android 6.0 Marshmallow).

3. Be sure that you are on a clear zone (Without metallic and heavy walls) and try to put your phone orientation to the sky. Avoiding placing it in bags or suitcases. 

4. Turn on and off your phone. This is always an easy solution worth trying to.

5. If you are using an optimized battery app like Clean Master, or Smart Manager (only Samsung), Battery Saver, 360 Security, Greenify, JuiceDefender, DU Battery Saver, Battery Defender, One Touch Battery Saver. Try to turn it off and record a trip.

6. If you are using an optimized battery app like Clean Master, or Smart Manager (only Samsung), Battery Saver, 360 Security, Greenify, JuiceDefender, DU Battery Saver, Battery Defender, One Touch Battery Saver. Try to turn it off and record a trip.

In case the app runs in the background

Some phones include, by default, battery protections and this may cause an app to not work properly when running in the background. Below we show you how to solve it according to the brand of your device:

  • Xiaomi:
  1. Open the Settings and go to the Additional Settings section.
  2. Go to Battery and performance and then Manage Application battery usage.
  3. On this screen you must uncheck the default option “Normal” and select “Off”.
  • In case your mobile is a Xiaomi Redmi note 2 Android 5.0 version, there are two possible ways to follow:: 
    Option 1: Settings -> Installed Applications -> :DriveSmart 
    Option 2: Settings -> Permissions -> Auto Start -> :DriveSmart

On some devices, it must also be specified at the application level:
Security -> Battery -> Save battery in applications -> :DriveSmart -> Unrestricted -> Background location -> Allow.

  • Huawei:
  • Open the “Phone management” app that comes in the new Huawei and select the “Energy saving” that appears at the bottom -> Select the power setting in “Normal”.
    Also, in that same phone administration screen, you need to activate :DriveSmart as a “protected app” and if you get on that list the Google Play Services app also put it as protected.
  • In addition, it is recommended to check that the app is not deactivated in the Settings section -> Battery -> Start of Applications -> Check that :DriveSmart is not selected (if it is, deselect it from the list).

In case your Huawei phone is a P8Lite you must access to Settings -> Battery -> Battery Manager -> Select Protected Applications -> Dial :DriveSmart.

  • HTC:

If your device is HTC branded, you must follow these steps: Settings -> Battery -> Battery saving mode -> Battery saving -> :DriveSmart -> Do not optimize -> Save.

  • Samsung:

Apply the following steps: Battery preferences -> Energy Saving Mode -> Details -> :DriveSmart -> Disable.

  • In case your Samsung phone is a Galaxy model Go to Settings -> Device maintenance -> Battery -> Battery -> Swipe the screen down and select the Apps option without supervision -> Add Applications -> Mark :DriveSmart  and confirm on the button that appears in the upper right corner as “ Done”.
  • BQ:

Swipe down on the main screen to access the system shortcuts. Then, press the Location icon to activate it immediately. Further:

  • You must access Settings -> Battery -> Intelligent standby power saving-> Off.
  • You must access Settings -> Battery -> Battery Saver-> Off.
  • Settings-> Battery -> Menu -> Battery optimization -> All applications -> Select :DriveSmart -> Do not optimize.
  • ZTE Blade L5 Plus:

If you have an ZTE device, in addition to pressing the location icon to activate the location immediately:

  • You must access Settings -> Battery -> Intelligent standby power saving-> Off.
  • You must access Settings -> Battery -> Battery Saver-> No.
  • Alcatel Pixi 4.6.0:

If you have an Alcatel Pixi device,  in addition to pressing the location icon to activate the location immediately:

  • You must access Settings -> Battery -> Intelligent standby power saving-> Off.
  • You must access Settings -> Battery -> Battery Saver-> No.
  • Motorola 

If your mobile phone is a Motorola, you will not be able to select the app so that it does not apply the Battery Saver settings on it, but you must deactivate the Energy Saver globally

  • Go to Settings -> Touch on Security and Location -> Select Location -> Check if the “Energy saving” mode is activated. (If activated you must deactivate it so that the app can run normally

 * If my phone is iPhone:

1. Confirm that GPS is activated. To do this, you just have to access Settings -> :DriveSmart  -> Location -> Always

2. Make sure you are in a clear area (outside a garage, for example) and also place the phone in an obstacle-free and sky-oriented position avoiding placing it on the side of the door, a bag, a suitcase, etc.

3. Turn off and on the phone. When all else fails, turning off the device and turning it on again is the only thing that needs to be done.

4. Make sure you don’t have any battery optimization apps, such as Clean Master, Battery Saver…

If the application stops on iOS, check that you have background updates enabled in the preferences in: Settings -> General -> Background update. The general ones have to be enabled, and the app of :DriveSmart must also be active.

How to pair: DriveSmart to the bluetooth of my car?

  1. First step is link the handsfree phone. To pair the car device (hands-free, Parrot, etc.) with the device is done from Phone settings. (Be careful! It’s about pairing the phone, not :DriveSmart). To do this, you must access “Settings -> Bluetooth Settings -> Scan Devices” and search hands-free device with which you want to pair.
  2. The next step is to pair the bluetooth with :DriveSmart, you can do it from the app in three steps:
  • Menu «Settings» -> Bluetooth -> ON
  • Auto Start button -> A list of the devices that are linked to the phone will appear.
  • Select on the face that corresponds to hands-free device of the car (it will remain green.).

In addition, for the app to work properly, you must have Bluetooth and GPS tracking activated so that :DriveSmart can analyze your driving based on the mapping and the specific characteristics of each route.

What do If I don’t know where I parked my car?

If you have used the application on the last trip, make a record of the position where you last parked, so you just have to access the left menu, select “Find my car” and we will tell you where you left it.

How not to spend data with my mobile using the app

:DriveSmart uses less than 10 mb per month, data consumption lower than most applications. In any case, if you don’t want to spend any data, you just have to activate the “Offline Mode” in “Settings” and the trips will be uploaded when you reach an area with WiFi.

How to process my trips instantly

If you see that one of the trips does not appear, go to “Settings” and in “Traveling offline” check if there are any pending data, press the “Send all” option and…  Solved!

I want to improve my score

Whenever you detect any event with which you disagree or seem unfair, send your comments so that technicians can analyze and even invalidate it it is unfair due to circumstances beyond your driving (Inaccuracies in the GPS system that incorrectly positions a different point than what you really are, errors in the cartography, errors in some parameter of the app…).

By submitting your comments, you help improve the app and always get a response to everything, in addition to a fair and objective assessment.

Driving with :DriveSmart makes you feel good about ensuring your safety and that of other drivers. As Albert Einstein said “Setting an example is not the main way of influencing others; it’s the only way.”

I want to solve app location mistakes

The app places me at a wrong point, and it is true that, due to inaccuracies in the GPS system, these situations occur. Although these are problems outside of :DriveSmart, the technical team is working on the optimization of the system and, also, a system has been implemented whereby I can invalidate incorrect and unrelated events (For example, positioning errors of the GPS, mapping errors …) that can lower your score. It is fair.

That is, whenever you detect an event or an assessment with which you disagree, it sends a discrepancy through the app. In this way, technicians can analyze it in detail, give you an answer, solve it and even invalidate it so that it does not affect your score and your position in the rankings of the challenges.

To report a discrepancy:

  • Just go to “Trips” (upper right button of the app -> Trips) and select the trip you want to check. Once inside that trip, go to “Incidents” (it is the second screen, so you access it by sliding the first screen to the left or selecting the button with the red triangle and an exclamation point, at the bottom.).
  • Once in “Incidents” click on the drop-down on the right of the event you want to consult and then press the green button with the drawing of the folder to see all the details of the event. There you can check all the exact data of the moment of the event (from the speed at which you were driving, the maximum speed that indicates the route, your exact position, the battery signal or the GPS signal), and if you do not agree, send a discrepancy by pressing on the circular button with the speaker.

In this way, the technical team will receive all the information of the exact point of the incident with which you do not agree and will be able to analyze the app’s valuation to the millimeter to offer you an answer and a solution.

Invalidate my incidents

Technicians can invalidate the events that are generated by non-driving errors, such as the GPS signal. Therefore, whenever you detect an event with which you do not agree, send a discrepancy (by clicking on the event that you consider wrong, within the “Details”, by clicking on the + button) so that, if it is not correct, they invalidate it and it does not affect your score or position in the challenges. It is fair.

Event invalidation is done only during the business days of the current month. As mentioned in the legal terms of the Challenges, the invalidation of events can alter the overall score and, therefore, modify the position within the Ranking of the challenges and that is why the invalidation of events only It is applied during the current month and within the working days of the month since it is a process that must be analyzed and carried out by the technicians individually.

How can we help :DriveSmart?

The app is free and always will be, and if we want to help the Community keep growing, you can do several things:

Recommend the app to my friends.

If your friends and family start using :DriveSmart you will have a lot of acquaintances in the Community, with whom you can compare your points and, in addition, we give you 1.000 Smartcoins for each friend you add!

• Rate the app in the store. 

If you like the app, leave your opinion in the Google Play store or in the App Store. Thus, you help many other people know the app, download it and start using it. The more we are, the better for the Community!

Send your suggestions

Within the app itself is one of the most important sections, the “Comments”, where you can send your comments, suggestions, errors or congratulations to the :DriveSmart team to emphasize those aspects that you value most within the application.

How to add Smartcoins?

Actually, it is very easy to accumulate Smartcoins (and, therefore, access all Rewards) using the app. The first thing is to use the app to register all your trips: the more and better you drive, you accumulate more and more Smartcoins. Smartcoins are added to your user account not only for driving, but for entering the app every day, sharing on social networks, inviting my friends, getting medals, winning challenges, sending travel discrepancies, completing your user profile, set up the emergency travel call button with the travel assistance company.

However, you can not only add Smartcoins using the app but also be attentive to the mails (check your mail in Promotions or Spam folder), because in them we send information about new contests, raffles and also exclusive promotions month by month to our users.