The illness of time

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Tic toc tic toc… In 1982 the American doctor Larry Dossey invented the concept of space, time and medicine to describe the obsessions that time does not escape and that there is not much time and it isn’t enough.

In actuality  two decades before Dossey made it a thing we all suffer this silent illness. We are manifest the same symptoms and we are all slaves of this silent illness. We are show the same symptoms and we are all slaves of its most common traits, which is always rushing and being fast.

The majority of the people have difficulties managing time. It is a fact, whether we want to accept it or not. We are slaves of time, which seems to get shorter and shorter each time. We rush to thinks so that we can gain more time to be able to get there before and do things faster and keep on gaining time. If there is an obstacle our impatience kicks in.

The era of irritation

The obsession of running everywhere to gain time is a curious expression that is part of our daily lives. It drives us straight to frustrations that can lead to frustrations with our family, at school, at work and even on vacation and of course while driving.

Driving while stress= danger

The illness of time rubs off on how we drive because it changes the way we do it, it increases the aggressiveness and competition and even hostility when driving. Which translates into a higher percentage of suffering or provoking and accident.

Impulsive reactions are translated into higher speeds, lack of judgement when making decisions and slower capacity to anticipate when it comes to driving.

How to avoid stress when it comes to driving

Although stress will not go away magically there are logical recommendations that can have an effect in the way you drive on the road. For your well being when driving and for others when driving try to:

  • Be well rested
  • Avoid the consumption of drugs, tobacco, alcohol, and pharmaceutics
  • Leave with enough time
  • Listen to music that makes you relax so that you feel calm
  • Follow a balanced diet and practice physical activities
  • Be a part of the community for good drivers :DriveSmart