5 false myths about alcohol

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“It helps me making friends and flirting”, “it let´s me forget about my problems”, “it improves my fitness level”, “it´s good for the heart”, “don´t worry, I only drink on weekends”…Who hasn´t heard this arguments to justify alcohol consumption? And now, let´s be honest. Who has believed them?

Do you want to join us on this journey through the most common (false, of course) myths that are often heard about alcohol?

False myths about alcohol

It helps with social relationships, improves your mood, it is not harmful if it is only consumed during the weekends, it is a good ally to overcome fatigue, it is good for the heart…All lies!

1. Allows overcoming shyness, helps making friends… and flirting!

Does anyone believe that because someone is holding a drink they become irresistible and oozes charisma and good vibes? Nowhere near reality!

Haven´t you felt repelled, or even sorry, when you´ve seen someone at a bar or a club drinking by themselves? Relax, you are not the only one to whom this has happened, everyone has had that feeling more than once. That is why, the only way of making friends is being yourself. And alcohol has little to do with that.

2. Raises the spirit and helps forget problems

Yes, of course: it helps forget problems and also how many drinks you´ve had, how many hours have passed making a fool of yourself, how many people you have met, how many have made fun of the one who is drunk… The best way of taking care of problems is confronting them and learning to solve them. Alcohol can only help by adding or agravating the existing ones.

3. It is not harmful if its only taken on weekends

The only alcohol that is not harmful is the one left in the glass! Why is there a believe that it is less harmful on weekends? Because the quantity of alcohol is concentrated in a few hours? The harms that alcohol produces in the human body vary depending on the quantity and intensity of the consumption. Drinking a lot in one day, or one evening, like what happens with binge drinking, is specially harmful…and dangerous!

4. It helps overcome fatigue and improve the physique

Of course! That is why it is used in gyms as an isotonic drink! Maybe the ones that defend this theory refer to the temporary feeling of well-being that is experimented in the inmediate moment of drinking. Because one is thirsty, because one likes what is being drunk…Whatever the reason is.

Nevertheless, what the abussive consumption of alcohol provokes is completely the opposite. In other words, if someone drinks to get over the feeling of sadness and depression what he will achieve is feeling that his situation worsen. And also, alcohol weakens, causes physical fatigue and loss of strength.

5. It is good for the heart

And that it also prevents cardiovascular diseases, right? There are studies that demonstrate that adults who consume moderately reduce the posibility of suffering this diseases, but the truth is that when consumption increases the risk of suffering them increases.

Alcohol, whatever they tell you, is a bad travelling companion, both inside and outside the car…and it can end up being very costly!

Have you heard of any other false myths about it or about breathalyzer tests? Tell us which you would include in the list…