Data usage

At the end of the month I always run out of data, so I try to use apps the less I can. When I was in doubt, I wrote to :DriveSmart and asked them how much data the App consume and the answer was clear: less than 10 mb a month, a much lower data usage than the majority of apps. Despite this, if I don’t want to use any of my data, all I have to do is turn on the Offline Mode in “Settings” and the trip’s information will be processed when I have WiFi access.

Power Consumption

If there is something I care about it is the battery consumption of the apps, above all, in the car. I do some long trips and I don’t want to run out of battery in case there is a sudden emergency. Although the App uses a GPS system and other sensors, the battery drain is very low, so I can travel miles and miles without worrying. And if I were to have any car emergency, I can call directly call my roadside assistance, only by tapping and holding the screen for 5 seconds.

Breaking, harsh acceleration, or incorrect speed

In some of the trips I have recorded, the App has marked a harsh breaking. I was right behind of a car that stopped out of the sudden, I had no many options: either hitting the breaks or crashing. Although I want to save money while driving and I know that I won’t make it if I do a violent driving, there are situations in which it is a total necessity. But if the App marks a harsh breaking that I haven’t done because of a problem in the GPS location, all I have to do is send a discrepancy from the App to tell them that it is not correct, and if it’s unfair, they will invalidate the event so it won’t have an impact in my score.

Assistance Call

Diving in the App menus, I found the assistance call, the easiest way to communicate with the roadside assistance, if I have an emergency. Besides, I asked :DriveSmart if I could add the phone number of a family member so they can find me if an emergency happens and, although this funcionability has not been incorporated yet, they said to be working to include this in the app. Great!

Insurance Company

After the assistance call was configurated, I realized that my insurance company wasn’t on the list, so I suggested them new assistance through the button, in the Settings menu, and in less that 24 hours they added it. I have already enabled it and now I travel more relaxed because, in an emergency, I only have to tap and hold for 5 seconds the call button.


I drive carefully, I am safe and I respect all signals, and when I get home I check the trip and it shows me events with which I don’t agree with. What do I do? No technology is perfect and I understand that, so I send them a discrepancy from within the App asking why I have been penalised for, and if it’s unfair, they will invalidate me. It is that simple.

Lost trips

I realized today when checking my trips that some of my trips had been lost! So I wrote to :DriveSmart and they told me that maybe it’s caused because some data of that trip was yet to be processed, so accessed the Setting and there was data pending to be sent, I tapped on Force Upload and so I could view my trip.


I realized that when I tap on Start it asks me to activate GPS so I asked why did I have to activate it and their respond was quite logic, it is the only way for the App to track me in the map and analyze my driving according to the characteristics of each road. Moreover if I have WiFi acces, I know I can improve the precission, so they are both active.

Delete Trip

I have some trips that I don’t want to be visible on the App, I tap the red button to delete it so it doesn’t show. Yet, even I can’t see the trip, it has not been deleted and my score average doesn’t change (so nobody can win the Challenges by cheating)


Trophies are the virtual medals I can get in the App when I do a good trip based on some parameters, and I also get Smart Coins for each achievement. I have to admit that I love them, I already have the Soft Shoe, Roadrunner, Weekender and Xenon trophies… but I want them all!


Rewards and prizes were the main reasons to download the App, but I wasn’t very sure of how to earn them and get benefits from being a good driver. It was all clear after I did some reading: Rewards are the gifts and discounts that the companies which colaborate with the App offer me for being a good driver and they are earned when I collect enough Smart Coins for each one. I will be able to use several Rewards at once and use them all because I always keep all of my Smart Coins.

Even though :DriveSmart is already working on this, the Rewards cannot be claimed yet but this will be functional in the near future, so in the meantime… I will collect as many Smart Coins as I can to get the gifts and benefits I’ve earn for being good driver.

Collect Smart Coins

Smart Coins are the virtual money of the App, they are earned by recording trips and getting a good score on the App, as well as participating on surveys, inviting new friends, sharing screenshots, winning challenges and trophies. Easy-peasy!

Invite friends and friends information

Some of my friends didn’t know the App, so I told them about it and I suggested to them to download the App to see who was the best at the wheel. I sent them an invitation from the app, some by giving their mail address and :DriveSmart sent them an email, I invitated some others by their phone number and they got a SMS. For each friend I add, I get 1.000 Smart Coins and I can choose the information I want to share with them.

Some of my friends always get lost and they never arrive in time when we meet, I share my last location with them so they know where I am and there are no more excuses.

Offline Mode is not working

I do care about the data consumption of the App, and since I discovered the option of recording my trips with the Offline Mode turned on, I can use the App and have my trip data uploaded when I have WiFi access. When a trip doesn’t show, I check Offline Recording, in Setting, to see if there is pending data and I tap on Force Upload. And… that’s it!