What is in the App for me?

Am I really a good driver?

We, as good drivers, are a majority. But I didn’t know how I could verify this information.

First, I don’t think it’s fair that all drivers are put together in the same boat. In other words, it doesn’t seem right to me that a good driver spends as much money as a worse driver. After a long time searching I came across this App: now I know how I drive, what my score as a driver is and what mark I get in every trip. And also I can see which are my weaknesses and what I need to get better at.

Now I know in detail how good I am at driving, as well as my strengths and weaknesses; and I challenge myself every day to be a better driver. I have learnt to save up to 5 euros on each tank, I get benefits from being a good driver and I earn Rewards too.

Being a driver is not cheap: the license, the car and the insurance, along with the gas… And, in addition, the fines. But despite all of this, I really enjoy driving.

My reputation is worth its weight in gold

I finally have a plus that not all drivers have: I can prove that I am a good driver, and I show this to my friends and family, to let them know that I value safety and respect on the road. Happy trips for you all, drivers!